37' Back Cove "Chere"

37' Back Cove "Chere"

  • Boat Name: "Chere”

  • Year: 2013

  • Current Price: $430,000

  • Located in Bellingham, WA

  • Hull Material: Fiberglass

  • Engine/Fuel Type: Single diesel

  • YW# 955-3235389

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Pristine Back Cove 37 offered by original owners

Outfitted for NW Cruising by experienced boaters

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Chere Features

Chere has been moored in covered moorage in Lake Washington approximately 10 months per year for the whole period we have owned her and has been professionally maintained. She still looks like new.  Her engine has been run 619 hours to date.

Separators on cockpit seat boxes were added to convert each side to separately drained and sealed compartments.  The port aft compartment has an independent drain which makes it useful as a dinghy gas and BBQ propane locker.  The starboard aft compartment is insulated for use as a cooler or drink compartment.  The cockpit seating is Sunbrella and includes snap-on covers for protection when not in use.  Both stateroom bunks are fitted with custom bedding including mattress pads, fitted sheets, coverlets and shams with detachable down-like insert on main stateroom only.  Coverlets and shams are Sunbrella.

Equipment added to the boat includes:

  1. Rocna 20 KG main anchor with 150’ of chain and 200’ of line. Bridle for main anchor stowed in anchor locker.

  2. Danforth 20# auxiliary anchor with about 40’ of chain and 150’ of line.

  3. Magma BBQ with large propane tank and extension hose with regulator in cockpit seat box compartment.

  4. Achilles HB-280X tender with Tohatsu 10 HP 4-stroke engine. Dinghy is equipped with mounting brackets for removable wheels which are stored in starboard forward cockpit seat box. Dinghy handling equipment includes removable Weaver mounting hardware with custom stainless steel electric hoisting arm. This arm is plug-in to socket installed in the transom and is removable with 4 bolts and rotatable 90 degrees to provide clear open swim platform when dinghy is not aboard. SS cover plate included to cover mounting socket when arm is removed. Electric hoist is operated by a remote and makes dinghy hoisting and lowering quick and easy.

  5. Life sling mounted in cockpit port side.

  6. Collapsible crab and shrimp pot storage in starboard side of engine room.

  7. SS line hooks in anchor locker and cockpit floor storage compartments. Lines include 3 double braid mooring lines, four 3-strand mooring lines and three 50’ lock lines and a variety of miscellaneous lines.

  8. Six lifejackets, including two automatic inflatable type.

  9. Custom removable cockpit table which can be mounted on either side of the cockpit.

  10. Custom wood silverware drawer dividers and knife holder in galley.

  11. Area above holding tank modified to mount two removable storage boxes.

  12. Area below helm modified to mount two removable storage containers and briefcase of boat equipment information plus 4 small pull-out storage bins.

Following is miscellaneous equipment left on the boat and the locations of this equipment:

  1. Cockpit Seat Boxes – Starboard forward compartment has dinghy wheels and pump. Starboard aft compartment has dinghy air and water pumps. Port aft compartment has dinghy gas and BBQ propane tank. Port forward compartment has cleaning supplies, including vinegar for window cleaning, bucket, brushes and cleaning and waxing compounds.

  2. Cockpit Hatch - 50’ hose, spare power cord, 2 fenders, mooring and lock lines, 4 lifejackets, manual hoist for dinghy and storage bags for dinghy hoist arm and dinghy mounting hardware. It also has 2 storage bins, one with spare parts for the engines and boat and one with cleaning supplies and oil absorbent.

  3. Anchor Locker – Main and auxiliary anchors, mooring and lock lines, bridle, 4 fenders.

  4. Locker to Left of Entry – Entertainment equipment, remotes and cable for i-pad to TV HDMI input, flashlights.

  5. Drawer to Left of Entry – 2 inflatable lifejackets, flares.

  6. Hatch Under Helm – Small vacuum cleaner, 50’ extension cord, coax extension cord, bee catcher and tablecloth, briefcase of manuals. Small storage drawers contain small lines and tape, outboard motor spare parts, and SS cover for dinghy arm socket.

  7. Galley Hatch – Small drawers have screws and nuts and miscellaneous spare parts. Anchor winch handle is in storage box.

  8. Other Drawers and Lockers– Empty, except big drawer in master stateroom has a collection of charts.

  9. Head Sliding Doors – First aid kit.

Operation of Dinghy Hoist – When the dinghy is hoisted the dinghy hoist is usually left with a bit of slack in the line to allow cover over electric winch to protect the hoist motor and cord, which is unplugged from socket and stored on Velcro flap. Electrical socket is covered with plug.  To lower dinghy, remove line holding motor centered on motor mount, remove strut connecting dinghy to starboard stern. plug in electrical plug, turn on Rear Thruster Switch to furnish power to hoist, turn on remote, remove pin holding engine mount to hoist while holding dinghy handle to prevent sudden abrupt motion of dinghy taking up slack line, then lower with remote Extend button.  When motor skeg is bumping dinghy tube stop lowering, raise motor to allow skeg to clear tube, then complete lowering.  Remove snap shackle from motor mount and insert pin to capture motor mount to stern.  To raise dinghy remove pin connecting engine mount to stern, connect shackle to hoop on engine mount, turn on Rear Thruster Switch, turn on remote, then raise with remote Retract button until engine skeg is bumping dinghy tube.  Stop hoisting, raise engine to clear tube, then continue hoisting until pin hole in dinghy mount is within an inch of pin hole in hoist arm, then stop hoisting and either pull dinghy toward stern of boat or push down on hoist line to bring two pin holes in alignment to allow inserting the pin to connect engine mount to end of hoist arm.  Turn off remote, tie line to center engine and keep it from swinging as boat moves, connect strut to tie bow of dinghy to boat stern, unplug hoist motor from boat and replace cover over hoist motor and plug.

Removal and Replacement of Dinghy Hoist – Hoist arm can be removed, rotated, stored off its mounting or replaced when not in use. To remove arm remove the 4 socket-head bolts in the plate of the arm and pull arm straight up.  Arm can be plugged in rotated 90 degrees CW to store it in a position that leaves the swim platform clear of obstruction or can be replaced in the normal hoisting position and the bolts replaced to secure the arm in position.  For travel without the dinghy, the arm can be removed and the SS cover plate stored under the helm hatch can be bolted to cover the hoist arm socket of the boat using the same sealing rubber sheet as used on the arm plate to prevent water leakage.

Backup Manual Hoist – In the event of a failure in the electrical hoist system, the dinghy can be lowered or hoisted using the manual hoist stored under the cockpit hatch. This hoist mounts on the dinghy hoist arm using the same mounting holes as the block at the end of the hoist arm.


Original Equipment with prices


1. (2) Garmin GPSMAP 7212, first one $4600 with GPS and cables, $9000

second one $4,400.

2. Garmin GMR24 Radome $1656

3. Garmin GHP10 Autopilot with suitable pump and auxiliaries $2759

4. Garmin GWS Wind Sensor $516

5. Garmin GSD 24 Depth module with 50/200 khz bronze

Depth/Speed/Temp Transducer, 8 pin $863

6. Garmin Flux Gate Heading Sensor $776

7. Garmin Heading Sensor Cable, 6m nmea2000 $82

8. GMS 10 Network Port Expander $215

9. Garmin GXM 51 XM Satellite Receiver $603

10. Garmin GC 10 Video Camera facing aft $431

11. 15 m Extension Cable for GC 10 $26

12. Standard Horizon Matrix AIS+ GX2150 VHF Radio with AIS $363

13. Shakespeare 8’ Galaxy 6db VHF Antenna $114

14. UPS Ground Freight $15

15. 49 hours Labor $4238

TOTAL: $21,657


Factory Options

  • Dark Blue Hull with White Boot Top
  • Ultrasuede upholstery in salon (Ambiance Sand)
  • Ocean Aire Blinds in salon windows and rear windows/door
  • Stern Thruster
  • 1800 W inverter
  • Mast for hardtop
  • Salt water wash down fore and aft
  • Fresh water wash down forward
  • Additional Freezer in storage space under helm
  • Install exhaust water separator on genset
  • Insulate starboard side cockpit seat box
  • Install dual Racor fuel filters
  • Cockpit table